Survivors of Domestic Violence (continued)

Meet Trudy

I stayed in an abusive relationship because of the kids. I thought that they needed a father around, even though he was an abuser. Boy, was I wrong! All I did was expose my kids 24/7 to violence, mistrust and hate. I lived in a bleak world. I did not love myself and I had a false love for my abuser. I couldn'’t do anything to please him. He hit me for all the dumbest reasons. What reasons?

Trudy ImageI had been out of that relationship for a while when I came to New Beginnings as a volunteer. I signed up for the training session. What healing came from my learning! I learned that self love is #1, and that those of us who have been wounded in life need compassion. I tell people that there is a way to safety and hope. Where I have the biggest impact on people is in addiction issues, mental health problems and domestic violence — all a part of my life at one time. Believe me, the world holds so much more for you and your children and you deserve nothing but the best. I know that there are people whom I can trust; who love me and support me.



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