Survivors of Domestic Violence (continued)

Meet Pauline

I lived in denial for months until he tried to strangle me to death. I found New Beginnings and they helped me move away from my abusive situation. They taught me it wasn’'t my fault, and I could take care of myself. It took me a long time to get over the guilt I felt at becoming involved in an abusive relationship at 60 years old.

Pauline ImageMy friends didn't hold it against me, but I was embarrassed and ashamed. My family was angry enough to go after my abuser! But with their strength, the strength I found in my faith, and the support I found at New Beginnings, I now know about self worth. Because I was in an abusive relationship, I can understand why others cannot leave abusers until it'’s the right time. Using myself as an example, I let others know that abuse they suffer is not their fault. I speak in general about domestic violence; its warning signs, how to cope, how to get help and how to survive. I know that every time I speak to a group, I change the lives of others. There’'s usually someone in the group who has experienced abuse, and because of my courage she'’ll come forward and tell her story. That'’s what’'s so gratifying about my work now. I am living proof that you can move on and be much better off.


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