My Role...

We ALL have a role to play in ending domestic violence. 

If someone you know is being abused:


At at safe moment, ask your friend, coworker or family member a question that applies to the situation, such as:

  • Is everything ok at home?
  • I noticed that you were injured. Did someone do that to you?
  • Your partner seems to be making you sad/scared. Is everything ok?


  • Listen, and believe what they tell you.
  • Say "I am concerned about your safety."
  • Remind them that no deserves to be abused. 
  • Don't judge. Remember, it is very hard - and often dangerous - to leave an abusive relationship. 
  • Provide practical help, such as a safe place to stay or help with the children, if you can.
  • Be patient; it can take a long time for somone to get help or leave a relationship.
  • Encourage them to call our 24 hour Helpline at (206) 522-9472. Our Helpline isn't just for those experienceing abuse, others can call to get more resources and tips on how they can help a friend, colleague, or family member. 


Men's Role in ending Domestic Violence 

Bystander Intervention Information 


Support Domestic Violence organizations by making a donation or volunteering.