“While I learn from the experiences of callers I learn just as much from the advocates at New Beginnings that I've had the opportunity to have unexpected conversations with. Having this space allows me to digest and understand domestic violence in a more genuine way.  Who wouldn't want to keep coming back to such a great space?”

- A New Beginnings' Help Line volunteer

Make a difference... volunteer

New Beginnings has an extensive and active volunteer community - in 2013, over 194 women and men gave their time. We attribute much of our success to volunteers who are committed to ending domestic violence and to supporting those who are the targets of domestic violence. Roughly one-third of our volunteers have experienced domestic violence. Women and men are invited to volunteer.

Volunteers contribute to nearly every facet of direct and support service.  Volunteers are divided into two groups: Direct Service and Support Service.  Volunteer opportunities are available in the Seattle area. Check out how you can help survivors.

We offer a 4-week domestic violence volunteer training twice a year.  This training is required for those interested in doing direct service volunteer work. Please fill out a Volunteer Application if you're interested. 



Becoming a Volunteer

Becoming a New Beginnings volunteer is a rewarding and engaging experience that requires a serious commitment.  New Beginnings' implements a thorough volunteer screening process and offers a 24-hour domestic violence advocacy training. 

  • Step One: Watch the 8-minute mandated reporter video in preparation to potentially become a volunteer at New Beginnings.
  • Step Two: Download and complete the Volunteer Application, making sure to complete all portions.  Email, mail or fax this back to us.
  • Step Three:  Once your Volunteer Application is completed, submitted and reviewed, we will schedule you for an in-person screening interview with New Beginnings staff.  This interview will also provide you a short orientation to New Beginnings' programs.

If you are interested in Direct Service, you will then register for our domestic violence advocacy training.  Trainings are held in Seattle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm a university/college/high school student and I want to volunteer to also get credit for a class. Is this possible?
A: Yes, but with some exceptions.

Q: I'm a university/college student and for a class project, I want to interview victims of domestic violence. Is this possible?
A: No.

Q: Can I complete court-ordered community service hours at New Beginnings?
A: No, New Beginnings does not have positions available for court-ordered volunteers.

Q: Can those under the age of 18 volunteer at New Beginnings?
A: All direct service and most support service volunteers must be 18 and above to participate.  However, special group projects by youth may be accommodated by New Beginnings.  Please contact us for these inquiries. 

Q: Why do you have screening interviews to become a volunteer and to participate in Volunteer Training?
A: New Beginnings sees each volunteer as a valuable investment.  As such, a large portion of the training cost is waived in exchange for a year-long volunteer commitment. As volunteers can often work closely with New Beginnings participants and their children, we carefully screen all potential volunteers to make sure it is a good fit.  Completion of the application does not guarantee an in-person screening interview.  Completion of the interview screening process does not guarantee a slot in the training.  Similarly, completion of the training does not guarantee your preferred volunteer opportunity.

Q: Can I volunteer as a personal therapist or counselor to your participants?
A: New Beginnings is not able to accomodate volunteers who wish to provide service in this capacity.  New Beginnings does have Mental Health interns from local universities, however these placements are made directly by said universities.

Q: I can't volunteer now, but I'd like to be kept aware of upcoming trainings and/or opportunities.  How can I do that?
A: The best ways to connect with us are on Facebook or join our email list to hear the latest news!