Make a difference ... Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in supporting survivors of domestic violence. As a New Beginnings volunteer, you are a critical link in helping survivors to seek safety and to find the services and resources they need to move forward. Both direct service and support service opportunities are available!    


Direct Service Volunteering

We are not currently accepting applications for direct service volunteers. We will begin accepting applications for direct service roles in January 2019, to coincide with the required Volunteer Training (to be held in Spring 2019).


If you would like to be put on a waiting list for volunteering, sign up here! We will reach out to you in January with an invitation to apply and next steps.


Direct service volunteer positions require deep empathy, willingness to empower survivors, wherever they may be on their journey, commitment to learn and grow as a survivor advocate, minimum one-year commitment to the role, and attendance to our 20-hour training, hosted bi-annually in the spring and fall.

Support Service Volunteering

You can support New Beginnings' work of supporting survivors and ending domestic violence in a variety of ways. These positions help our agency to run more smoothly and give support to staff and survivors. While the entire 20-hour training is not required for these positions, some of the training components may be required. Please see position descriptions below for more information!

Home Safe Administrative Assistant
Social Change & Outreach Assistant
Tabling and Outreach Volunteer

New Beginnings' Board Member
Courageous Conversations Committee Member
Court-Accompaniment Companion 


If any of these volunteer opportunities look like they may be a fit for you, we would love to get you connected to this work! Please contact Sarah at slewisassink@newbegin.org for more information or with questions.


Becoming a Volunteer

Follow these three steps to apply to become a volunteer!


Step One: Complete & submit your Volunteer Application to slewisassink@newbegin.org

Step Two: Once your Volunteer Application is submitted, you will receive a call or email from the Community Engagement Coordinator for next steps in the Application Process.

Step Three: Once accepted into the Volunteer Program, direct service volunteers will attend the DV 101 Comprehensive Training, held each spring and fall. Our next training dates will be hosted by one of our partner agencies (Lifewire or DAWN). Stay tuned for more information to come!

For Groups:

Submit the Group Team Lead Application to slewisassink@newbegin.org on behalf of your group. We’re excited to work with your group as you seek to make an impact in your community.


If you have additional unanswered questions, please take a look at our Volunteering FAQs below. We are excited to work with you to support our critical mission!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can those under the age of 18 volunteer at New Beginnings?

A: All direct service and most support service volunteers must be 18 years or older to participate. However, special group projects by youth may be accommodated by New Beginnings, if a need is present. Please contact us for these inquiries.

Q: Can young people volunteer at New Beginnings?

A: Yes! Volunteers ages 13-17 can volunteer in some support service roles, such as at events, helping with their family to do apartment turnovers, or assisting our Prevention Educator with Owning Up curriculum for 7th graders. If this is of an interest, please contact the Community Engagement Coordinator (slewisassink@newbegin.org) for more information.

Q: I'm a university/college student, and I would like to get credit for volunteer hours to fulfill a class requirement. Is this possible?

A: Yes, but with some exceptions.

Q: I'm a university/college student, and I want to interview victims of domestic violence for a class project. Is this possible?  

A: No, but we are happy to do our best to support your project as staff capacity allows.

Q: Can I complete court-ordered community service hours at New Beginnings?

A: No, New Beginnings does not have positions available for court-ordered volunteers.

Q: Why do you have screening interviews to become a volunteer and to participate in Volunteer Training?

A: New Beginnings sees each volunteer as a valuable investment. As such, a large portion of the training cost is waived in exchange for a year-long volunteer commitment. As volunteers can often work closely with New Beginnings participants and their children, we carefully screen all potential volunteers to make sure it is a good fit. Completion of the application does not guarantee an in-person screening interview. Completion of the interview screening process does not guarantee a slot in the training. While we try to accommodate preferences, completion of the training does not guarantee that you will receive your choice of volunteer placement.

Q: Can I volunteer as a personal therapist or counselor to your participants?

A: New Beginnings does not have volunteer positions available for those who wish to serve in this capacity.  Internships in mental health at New Beginnings are available by placement through local universities.

Q: I can't volunteer now, but I'd like to be kept aware of upcoming trainings and/or opportunities. How can I do that?

A: The best ways to connect with us are on Facebook or join our email list to hear the latest news!