Transitional Housing Program

"We want to help women dream again, let them know there are possibilities outside of expected parameters. It's amazing to watch them absorb the attitude: 'Yes, I can!' How gratifying is that?"

- Ginny Ware, Transitional Housing Program Manager


Transitional Housing Image


The Transitional Housing Program focuses on giving families a safe space and time to recover from domestic violence. Women and families live independently in one of 17 fully furnished apartments for up to 18 months, where they receive agency core services. Families pay one-third of their income for the program which includes:




  • Furnished apartment 
  • Individual advocacy 
  • Weekly support groups focusing on domestic violence and life-skills 
  • Children's groups 
  • Parenting classes
  • Assistance securing permanent, affordable housing
  • Legal advocacy 
  • Six month follow-up services


The program provides more than 14,000 bednights (one person/bed/night) for more than 65 women and children.

In need of services? To apply for transitional housing you'll need a referral from a social service agency. Ask your advocate about applications.