Emergency Shelter

Our Emergency Shelter is a house that can shelter up to 18 women and children each night. There is no limit on the number or ages of children per family. The shelter is secure and confidentially-located. It is a refuge for those escaping violence, and is available 24 hours a day.

The emergency shelter is staffed around the clock by trained advocates.

Women and families may stay up to 28 days.  All residents - women, children and teens - —have advocates to assist them. Each woman sets goals for herself, and receives assistance in meeting her goals. Some of the goals are simple, such as replacing lost documents, —social security cards, birth certificates. Others are complex, such as finding affordable housing.

Most families come with next to nothing, so we help meet basic needs: food, clothing, bus tickets, personal care items and toys for children.

Interpreters are provided for all services, and we provide kosher or halal food as needed.

In addition to individual assistance, there are support groups, a parenting group, resources for child care, evening homework help and activities for children and teens. Outside providers, including a nurse, mental health therapist and healthcare advocate, visit the shelter weekly to meet with residents.  

All services are free and voluntary.

Women receive personal advocacy and counseling services. On average, 50% attend general support groups, over 30% attend chemical dependency groups, and over 10% of those with children attend parenting groups.

Some women decide to return home, others go to friends or relatives, some find a spot in transitional housing, and some move to a place of their own, usually in subsidized housing. Some go to another shelter. More than 30% go to transitional or permanent housing. 

Each year, over 250 women and children stayed in our emergency shelter.