About Domestic Violence

"“You are far too precious and valuable to allow yourself to be destroyed by another person.”"

- A domestic violence survivor

What is Domestic Violence?


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It isn't a '“domestic dispute.”'

It isn't the alcohol talking.

It isn't a private matter.

Not anymore.

Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior that one intimate partner exerts over another as a means of control.



 Domestic violence…

...…is a choice The abuser is not "out of control."

...…is a pattern There may be good times, but the ugliness returns - and it usually gets worse.

...…is intended to control Sometimes it's physical, often it isn't. It's whatever works to keep an intimate partner in line.

...…is an attitude and a behavior

Sometimes it's emotional abuse - name-calling or intimidation.

Sometimes it’s threats - to harm you, or anyone or anything you love. Sometimes it's using sex to demean.

Sometimes it's physical - pushing, hitting, punching.

Sometimes it's life-threatening.


New Beginnings Reading List - Updated January 2013

An extensive list of informative and helpful books and other resources - PDF


Educational Resources

National Coalition against Domestic Violence

The Domestic Violence Hotline

National Network to End Domestic Violence

King County Coalition against Domestic Violence

Washington State Coalition against Domestic Violence

WebMD: Help For Battered Men

MINCAVA Electronic Clearinghouse

University of Michigan’s Child Violence and Trauma Laboratory

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children

Honor Our Voices

Promising Futures

Causing Pain:Real Stories of Dating Abuse and Violence


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Data on Domestic Violence

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