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Survivors of Domestic Violence 

These are stories of those who have fled domestic violence. Names and identifying details have been altered. The stories, however, are real, and reflect the hard work of surviving the effects of domestic violence, of overcoming obstacles while searching for resources to survive and thrive and live with dignity.

Meet Pauline

Pauline ImageI lived in denial for months until he tried to strangle me to death. I found New Beginnings and they helped me move away from my abusive situation. They taught me it wasn't my fault, and I could take care of myself. It took me a long time to get over the guilt I felt at becoming involved in an abusive relationship at 60 years old. More »


Meet Trudy

Trudy ImageI stayed in an abusive relationship because of the kids. I thought that they needed a father around, even though he was an abuser. Boy, was I wrong! All I did was expose my kids 24/7 to violence, mistrust and hate. I lived in a bleak world. I did not love myself and I had a false love for my abuser. I couldn't do anything to please him. He hit me for all the dumbest reasons. What reasons? More »


Meet Lera

Lera ImageI was a “mail order bride.” I met my husband through an agency in my home country. When I came to the U.S., my husband controlled my every move and thought. He followed me to the bathroom. I couldn't even speak in private to my 12 year-old son. More »


Meet Cho

Cho ImageFrom early childhood, abuse-both physical and emotional-was no stranger. I learned to stand up to the pain, no matter what anyone did to me. This meant they could not break me, they could not own me. My cries for help came through rages, not tears. I challenged anyone to try to hurt me, but they'd never break me. More »